10 Tips to Grow your Business with Facebook ads

Facebook Ads is a powerful tool to grow your business. The joy of every business owner is to see their business progress. There are multiple options out there to help you grow your business, and Facebook ads are one of the many. Facebook has gone beyond being just a social media platform to a great platform for business promotion and growth. You only need to know the right way to use the platform for your business advantage.

Unless you want to put out random contents out there and hope that they meet the right target audience, you need to be intentional about your post and your page setup. Being intentional about your contents and page setup can vary from knowing your target audience, their demography, age group, the best time to post content, using a content calendar, optimizing your page and many others.

Having this knowledge at hand can help you decide what to post, when to post and whether or not to promote the post. In this article, we will discuss in detail 10 tips to help grow your business with Facebook ads. The good news is, you do not have to break the bank to achieve this. So sit back and relax while we put you through all you need to know. 

1. Page Optimisation

This is often the first step to take before you proceed with any other process. Page optimization requires that you provide all the vital information about your business such as, business name, contact address, location, operational time, product or services, etc. Ensure that you fill out all the necessary details and that none is left out. 

Providing these details helps your customers to stay informed and to have a proper understanding of what your business is all about. This would also mean that your business page will meet your target audience well. Oftentimes business pages with inadequate information are overlooked by intending customers. 

2. Choose the Right Audience 

Here is the thing, you may put in all the effort and do all the necessary things to grow your business but if your content does not meet the right audience, it may not yield the desired result. The nature of the products or services you offer will play a major part to help you decide who your target audience are. 

Facebook ads help you to find the right target audience by providing you with multiple options to choose from such as, language, geography, age, gender, etc. narrowing your target will ensure that your ad gets to the most important people and not just random targets. 

However, be careful when narrowing your target audience so that you do not limit the performance of your ad. A target audience ranging from 2 to 12 million should be fine for a start. 

3. Be creative about your post

After setting up, optimizing and selecting your page, the next big step to take is to post creative content. Social media has come to stay and as long you know how to utilize these platforms you can grow your business massively on them. 

For a lot of folks, social media is a place they come to unwind and catch some entertainment after a stressful day. Thus, if you really want to captivate your target audience you need to be creative. Post contents that will get their attention and have them pause for a while to take a look at what you have to offer. 

Video ads have proven to be more effective for this purpose than images simply because not many individuals have the time and patience to read through write ups on an image. But, this does not take away the fact that a good image can do some numbers on your page and business growth. 

Do not forget to include captivating headlines and call to actions in your post when necessary. 

4. Engage your Viewers

Posting creative ads is good but engaging your audience is even better. Your content can only go as far as they can by attracting your target audience, but engaging them encourages them to stay. This would help your page feel less transactional while building some level of trust with your audience. 

No one likes to feel like they are being used or ripped off. Engage your audience in conversations, find out what their likes and dislikes are before you offer them your products or services. It is important that you make your audience or customers feel valued. 

5. Decide what your objective is

The decision to grow your business with facebook ads should be backed up with the right objective. Every successful business has a goal and an expectation. What result do you expect to get off of your facebook ad? With facebook ads you can choose the right objective that meets your business goals and expectation. 

There are three major categories your objectives may fall under, these are awareness, consideration and conversions. 

Awareness Objective

Advertisement objectives that fall under the awareness category are described as brand awareness objectives. This means that the main reason for promoting your business online is to inform your audience about the existence of your product or service. 

Consideration Objective

Businesses operating under the same niche may have a few things that differentiate them from each other. For consideration, your goal for creating and posting ads on Facebook is to display what makes your business different. You instill a curious thought in the minds of your audience and have them seeking to know more about your products or services. 

As your target audience seek for information about your business, they are prompted to take other beneficial actions such as to subscribe to your page, watch and like more of your contents, reach out to via any specified social media handle, download your app if you have any etc. 

Conversion Objective

Conversion objectives center around converting your page traffic to actual sales or booking for your product or services. With this objective you can redirect your page visitors to your website’s online store. 

6. Promote Your Ad With The Right Budget

To grow your business with Facebook ads, posting ads without promoting them may not cut it. Promoted ads have a wider reach and are more effective in business growth. Your ads are brought to the timeline of the right audience. Facebook ads offer you multiple promotional rates that are budget friendly. Whichever budget you choose will determine your ad reach. 

To get the best out of your ad promotion, you may want to be generous with your budget amount and the run time. Facebook has made this process a lot easier. All you have to do is to specify your business goals and objectives and Facebook will recommend the best budget for you. 

7. Pay attention to insights

Insights are the goldmine of every social media page. You get to know about every vital activity going on in your page such as, impressions, number of clicks, people checking out your page, when they are most active, contents with the most engagement etc. 

Data you get through insight can help you understand the best way to grow your page and business going further. You get to know what your audience preferences are and the best time to post. Thus, when creating an ad, you have at hand the vital information you need to make it more effective. Read about Facebook Insight

8. Boost Your Ads

If your promoted ads did not yield as much result as you expected, boosting them could make a great difference. Facebook created this feature to help your ad reach an even wider target audience. Thus you get to regain every lost reach on your ad. To this effect, your page becomes more visible. Increased visibility often generates higher traffic which can be converted to sales of products or services. 

To add cherry on top of the ice cake, boosting ads is simply inexpensive. You don’t have to spend so much to get as much result. Just set your budget, select your target audience and you are good to go. In some cases, this may cost as low as $0.02 per click. 

9. Use Facebook’s product catalog ads

The goal is to utilize every tool or template Facebook has to offer to the best of your business growth. If you are yet to try out this template, you should have a rethink. Facebook’s product catalog ad can make all the difference for an improved shopping experience on your page. 

With this template, you can link your product catalog from other platforms to your Facebook page. This way, your products are discovered by a larger audience across different platforms. More often than not your sales rates go up by a drastic change in figure. Not to mention that it can also be used for retargeting. 

10. Use Facebook Custom Audience for Retargeting

One of the best ways to make the most of your content is to retarget them to interested viewers. Your content may record a large number of views but only a certain percentage of viewers are truly interested in your content. With Facebook ads manager, you can find out who these people are judging by how long they watched your video. 

You can create a custom audience with the ad manager for users with over 50% view time. For instance, if you posted a video ad about bunnies and how to care for them to a cold audience. People who watched your video for over 50% of the runtime are considered to be your custom audience. You could then create another ad offering a discount on bunny items to be shown only to people who have watched at least 60% of the video. 

This strategy will ensure that your video ad is seen mostly by interested viewers and not just random individuals. Businesses who use Facebook custom audiences can attest to the impact of this tool for their business growth. 

Over the years and for many more to come, Facebook has been and will remain a great platform for business growth. All you need to do is learn about the many tools and advantages of this platform and make the most out of it. 

You can retarget with other social media platform and cross promote contents on those apps and on your website. Here, is how you can convert your web traffic into leads


Facebook Ads is considered one of the easiest and simplest ways to grow your business. This process is applicable to all sectors and business size. Do you want to gain traction, more followers and grow your business? Run Facebook Ads on your page and boost your post frequently, know how to read Insights and data, use the information for compare growth. Go through the Facebook Ads Policy to ensure your Ads are in accordance with the the set policy.

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