10 Ways to Convert Your Website Traffic into Leads

Typically, the goal of every website or business owner is to convert their website traffic to leads. This can be a challenge if you do not know the right way to go about it. In this post, you will learn 10 different ways to convert your website traffic into leads. 

If what your website does is casually entertain people without generating any leads then it might be time to make some necessary changes. Sometimes, your website might have large traffic but only a handful convert to leads. 

This could mean that some things are not right and your website would need some necessary changes. Below are 15 great ways to convert your website traffic into leads.


1. Develop a Persona And Work With It


The first and most important way to retain your website visitors is by speaking the language they understand. But how can you speak their language if you have no idea of the kind of person you are speaking to? 

The nature of your product or services can serve as an insight into the persona of your ideal customer. For example, if you sell less pricey beauty products, then your customers are likely to be high school students, college students, or an average working-class woman with limited resources to spare. 

Find out their likes and dislikes, wants and needs, financial capacity, reasons behind their purchase, demography, and so on. 

Now that you have an idea of who your potential customers are, utilize the information you have at hand. Create content that speaks directly to these personas and shows them how helpful your products or services can be. 

As much as you want your potential customers to become real customers, creating content that only tries to persuade them to whip out their card and make a purchase is almost dead on arrival. 

Give your customers value for their money and they will remain loyal to you until probably the next big thing. 


2. Make your website design simple


Have you ever heard of the statement “less is more?” there are no truer words than these at this moment. I know we all love to go the extra mile to make our products, services, or website as the case may be unique. As appealing as it may be, sometimes all you need is a simple website design. 

A simple website is easier to interact with and not all your customers are tech-savvy to understand all the extras you choose to add. While building a website, one of your top priorities should be your user’s experience and a simple website design can help you achieve this. 

But, simplicity is not synonymous with boring. You can have a simple yet classy website. A great combination of both class and simplicity is what you need. 


3. Create a Trustworthy Site


Do you want your visitors to buy from you? Make them trust you. It is common knowledge that most people only patronize trusted sources. Research has shown that a whopping 86% of your leads would patronize you only if they trust your website enough. 

Thus, you do not want to lose your potential customers to a poorly built website. Pay attention to anything that may portray your website in a bad light. If you are certain what these may be, here are a few things to look out for. 

  1. Your website design looks old.
  2. The use of  HTTP instead of HTTPS to host your site.
  3. Using images with watermarks.
  4. Poor customer support service.
  5. Inactive social media accounts.
  6. Poorly written website content.
  7. No reviews or fake customer testimonials.

Make necessary changes if your website has any or all of the points mentioned above. 

4. Use Testimonials


Testimonials are a very important part of every successful e-commerce business. Include verifiable testimonials on your website to make it more relatable. I would not make any purchase from a website lacking in testimonials. 

They serve as proof that you are truly offering your customers products or services that meet their needs. A study shows that about 93.4% of internet users read reviews before placing an order from an unfamiliar vendor. 

Testimonials help you convert more visitors than expected. It has been observed that a large number of web users take testimonials seriously. Therefore, great testimonials can be a good boost to your conversion rate. 



5. Improve Your Sales Copywriting Skill


A great copy equals better conversion. If you find it difficult to write convincing copies, hire an expert copywriter or seek out ways to improve your copywriting ability. An effective sales copy should appeal to the emotions of your reader or customer. 

Here are a few ways to write better sales copy. 

  1. Write short sentences. Short sentences are easier to read and understand. 
  2. Emphasis more on benefits, not features. Benefits are the only things your customers care about. 
  3. Use power words. These are words that would stir up your customers’ emotions to take action.
  4. Always talk to one person. While writing a sales copy, write like you are talking to one person directly. 
  5. Create a persona of your customer. The best way to get to your customer through sales copy is by having a clear idea of the kind of people they are. 


6. Direct Customers To Your Sales Page Not Your Home Page


So now you have a tremendous amount of traffic on your website, what happens when you direct them to the wrong page? The answer is not far-fetched. This means all your efforts will go down the drain if your traffic does not convert. 



Directing customers to a homepage is one of the most common mistakes found on websites. If you want your customers to buy from you then you need to direct them to the right page. 


7. Include A Persuasive Call To Action Button


A call-to-action button is as important as every other part of the website. Let your visitors know whatever action you want them to take. This may include asking for their email or contact address in exchange for a newsletter.

 Your call to action should be simple yet persuasive. Some examples of effective CTA are, “Buy Now”, “Signup for Free”, “Download eBook Now” and many more.

Also, make a careful selection of the color of your CTA button. The right color combination can make all the difference. The color red is often used for emergencies while orange is used for a simple call to action. 

After you must have selected suitable colors, the next important thing to do is to place your CTA button in a strategic position. The best position of a CTA button is at the top, middle, and bottom of the website. 

This means the first thing your customers see when they visit your website is your CTA button. There is another reminder in the middle while they scroll down and yet another one at the bottom in case they forgot to take action earlier.



8. Structure Your Website Properly


You know how you feel when you walk into an organized store. Everything is arranged in sections which makes it easy for you to find what you need. Do the same for your website. 

Feed your customers what they need the moment they arrive at your page. Structure your website pages in a way they cannot resist. Place every information in order of importance to keep your customers scrolling through for more. create an appealing landing page that can help increase your conversion. 

The goal is to keep them interested in your website and the content all the way through. For instance, the first level could be a question that spurs their curiosity and a brief answer. The second level might be a short blog post that satisfies them even better. The next level could be an eBook and CTA button for people that want deeper information. 

Employing this method helps you to create a strong bond with your site visitors. 


9. What Makes You Standout?


Times have changed and in the society of today, virtually every sector is crowded with people doing the same thing. Although there are enough customers to go around, only a handful of businesses take a large chunk of available customers while the rest are left to share what is left. 

If you want your website to retain as many customers as possible you need to offer them something different from what others have to offer. 

Whatever your unique selling proposition might be, it needs to be clearly stated and easy to pick out. This might be a longer trial offer, a higher discount rate, a more affordable price, and better benefits from the product or service you have to offer. 

Do not hold back on letting your customers know what you have to offer, this would help your traffic convert better and retain more customers. 


10. Use Google Analytics


Use Google Analytics to find out the performance of your website. This tool shows you the conversion rate, the rate of increase or decrease of traffic, the time of increase or decrease, the number of people interacting with your website, how user-friendly your website is, and many more. 

Having such information at hand is a great way to decide on how best to improve your website and its conversion rate. 




These ways have been tested and show they are great at converting traffic to Leads. As much as they seem difficult to do, they are very simple steps that are very effective and they will bring you the leads you are searching for and hoping to get on your website.

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