15 tips to create landing page that converts

15 Tips to Create a Landing Page that Converts

Do you want to create a Landing page that converts? First, let’s look at what a landing page is.


A landing page is a single webpage designed to increase conversion rates to meet the specific goals of marketing or sales. They are unique to every campaign, product, or service.


Landing pages have always been confused with websites as they have some similarities. This is true but it should not be intertwined with a website because a Landing page is solely created for marketing, creating leads, and driving traffic.


A website is a collection of pages each designed to show in detail a brand and what they offer. A landing page is a single webpage designed to be clear and concise and tells the aim of the page in very few words. It tells about the aim of the marketing at just a glance. 


Having a Landing page, in most situations will not pull the necessary visitors to your page if the necessary optimization has not been carried out on the page. Clustered page, too much content, or too many images will leave visitors irritated, and a higher chance of losing potential clients and customers. 


Statistics show that the average rate of conversion for a landing page is 10% and good testing and targeting increase conversion by about 100% and less than 50% of marketers make use of the landing page. Wouldn’t you want to be among the marketers that cash out from landing pages? Your attention at this point shows you are interested in creating a unique landing page for your brand.

Below, we will discuss 15 tips to create an optimized Landing Page to increase conversion.


1.  What is the purpose of the Landing Page


Before you think of creating a landing page, state the reason why you want a landing page, what you aim to achieve, and how you want to accomplish this. Knowing this will be the first step to creating an effective landing page.

The goal may include sales increase, increased subscription to an email list, or looking for a service. Ensure the goal of the landing page is achievable.


2. Highlight your Value proposition and benefits


What are the benefits of visiting your page? Ensure to state these values and make them visible to the visitor. Clustering your value proposition or keeping it down the page will not be helpful to your brand.

Use bullet points to communicate your values to your visitors. This way, it makes it readable and a focus point. Also, the values should resonate with your potential customers, do not write what you think the customer might like, write according to the values of your brand and what you intend to offer that is different from other brands. This is not also a time to brag about your brand history. Keep it straight to the point.


3. Keep it short, clean, and concise.


The landing page does not have to be ambiguous or have too many contents to portray the message. Simplicity is key they say. Write compelling, and concise headers. Your header needs to align with your Ad copy and should tell what you offer at a glance. Use the subheading to further explain in detail what the header lacks. A catchy header should be between 5 to 10 words but not more than 20 words.


4.  Address customer concerns and limit asking too many questions


Most times you as a brand is tempted to know how your customer feels about a certain product or service and you are tempted to ask too many questions on your landing page especially when you are generating leads.

Landing pages are not questionnaires and have no need for multiple questions, your focus should be on your customers’ issues and how to solve them. Desist from asking too many questions, this is considered a red flag on your page.


5.  Use Engaging and relatable Image


Landing pages with images are more likely to convert than pages without images. Images have a way of grabbing the visitor’s attention especially if the image is relatable. Images shouldn’t overwhelm the page or take up spaces meant for content. Let the image be visible enough to convince a visitor. A high number of visitors are likely to read content with relatable images.



6.  Make use of Sales Video to engagement


The video clip is considered the best medium of advert because it communicates in a minute or less what a fully loaded page of text can do. For a video to convert, it has to meet some criteria to be considered by the visitor.

First, it should be of quality; pixelated videos or glitched videos can be frowned upon and neglected thereby losing the aim of the advert, also lengthy videos is a turn-off to the visitor. Make sure the video communicates your brand, services, and goals in less than a minute to gain conversion. Landing pages with visual presentation tend to increase conversion.


7.  A clear and direct Call-to-action(CTA)


Your CTA should be clear, direct, and be the only button on the page. It is a crucial part of your page because it tells your visitor the next action to take, because of this it should not be hidden between text or have the same background as your page.

To keep the focus on the call-to-action, use contrasting colors and make it standalone. Also, make use of arrows or pointers to show your call to action. Each page should have only one call to action as multiple CTA will distract the visitor. Make sure the CTA takes them directly to the next action to avoid frustrating the visitor.


8.  Convince with social proof


What social proof do you have to show for your brand? Visitors will be more convinced and trust your brand or page more if there see any approval from people in the past, so make sure to add any social proof to your page as this will increase the tendency to click on your page.

It can be a review left on your page, a testimonial, or approval from a celebrity or public figure. People tend to click if they see someone they like or their favorite celebrity approves of the product. A study shows that about 93.4% of online buyers read reviews before making any purchase. 


9.  Have a contact detail on your page


A contact detail is necessary on your page so that people can reach out to you. you can either use an email address or phone number. Also, a form is necessary on a page so that visitors can communicate with you. The form should be very short so it doesn’t overpower the call to action. Having a form is a great way of generating leads. Showing contact details on your page can increase page conversion.


10.  Use emotions to trigger visitors


Users will not want to miss out when they feel some emotions, it might be fear of missing out on the latest trends or a product. Your page should be able to address issues, it can be from a place of pain people encounter or from pleasure, things they will like to have. Whatever it is, do not go overboard with trying to portray emotions.


11. Landing pages should be mobile-friendly


Your page should be mobile-friendly as up to 58.99% of your conversion can come through mobile, most times we are immersed with the design and interface of our landing page that it becomes so unfriendly for mobile users.

If possible, optimize for mobile first before other desktop and tabs. It should be clean and simple and make proper use of white spaces.


12. Optimise page for Organic search and Google Map


Use proper grammar and avoid misspelling or misinterpretation of words. Ensure that you use proper and relatable keywords on your page to increase the chances of your page being seen on google searches. Use references on your images and video added to the page as this will increase your visibility.

also, Use various search engine optimization tools to effectively optimize pages for google. If you don’t know how to go about it, here are some SEO hacks to help you grow your website traffic


13. Keep the page light to ensure lesser loading time


An average page takes 3 seconds to load, if your page takes a longer time to load, users will leave the page and your conversion rate will be very poor, ensure your page is light, your images and videos are not light, and there are no navigation elements and have a good hosting company. The lesser your loading time, the higher the chances of conversion.


14. Use social media as a tool to promote your page and have a backup page for continued engagement


Social media marketing is powerful means of promoting your page, it can be done by leveraging on price per click  Adverts to drive traffic or you can use your social pages to promote your page. You can also use the media influencer to gain traction on your page. Your page should be attractive and convincing enough for people to follow through.


15. Continue Measurement and Testing. Use A/B Testing to measure growth


Use different methods and applications to identify what works and what doesn’t. Keep scaling the methods that work and the method that doesn’t work try to twerk it or if possible drop it and focus on the methods that work.




Landing pages are important for every business seeking to sell online. These tips will help you to create Landing pages that convert. There are more to Landing pages that we have listed above and you can achieve it by creating a landing page. There is various software that can help in creating landing pages, and maximize them to create effective landing pages.


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