30 Home-Based Business Ideas for 2022

Home-Based Business is gaining traction and if you want you are skeptical on which to start, we have listed 30 different home-based ideas you can start in 2022.

Recent research shows that 50% of businesses in the Us are home-based, that is about 10 million businesses. This shows that people are becoming aware that in recent times, you don’t need an office space or a structure to start a business. 

The good thing about a Home-based business is that most times it does not require huge capital to start, some home-based businesses start with $4000 or less.

Starting a Home-based business just like every other business is not an easy task, and it requires your time, determination, and hard work but people are willing to take the plunge because nothing beats the joy of doing what you love and working with passion.

Going forward, we will discuss the various home-based business ideas for 2022.

1. Become a Social Media Manager

Are you a socially active person, do you have knowledge about the recent trends and happenings on social media? Do you have an eye for good design and the power to convince through words or images? Then, you can make a good business out of helping brands manage their social pages.

They are businesses that need people to handle their social media pages, where you post video, images, and other content on a daily basis to keep their audience updated and to grow followers. You can leverage on that and the page needs to have an aesthetic love that keeps the audience engaged. Sure to post relatable contents that resonate with the customer.

2. Start a Blog

Blogging is considered one of the best forms of content marketing that pulls the audience to a certain market or product. A blog is one way of converting your website traffic into leads

What can you write in a blog? You can write virtually everything, no limit to what you can write, it can be for a particular product, market, or for entertainment purposes. You can write about your personal lifestyle and travel experience. Write about genuine relatable things that will keep your audience immersed on your page.

3. Freelance Writing

There are approximately 214 million companies as of 2020 and you know what they need? Writers. Yea! These companies need people to write about them, their products, and the services they render. Do you think that there are enough writers to equate these numbers? There is a better chance for you to start making money today if you put your writing skills to good use.  

There are types of Writing which you can leverage on

  • Technical Writers – They write instructional articles on how to use a product, the features of a product, and documentation of software.
  • Creative Writers –  They write stories or scripts for movies, drama, and documentaries, these require a lot of mental work but pay more than the others.
  • Copywriters – They write for adverts or promotional content, social media captions, content for email marketing e.t.c.
  • Resume Writers – They write professional resumes for their clients who are seeking jobs or proposals for contracts. e.t.c.

4. Virtual Assistant

Are you detailed-oriented, organized, and can use the most administrative and scheduling apps? Have you been an assistant to your boss or your parents before? Why not leverage on this home-based idea to start making money, all you can do is to search for people that need your services on the internet.

Home based business, a female virtual assistant working from home

5. Graphic Design

Good graphic designers are in demand and are needed by both big and small companies. They create graphical representations of products, contents, and infographics. They work on editing photos, creating animations and graphics for adverts, promotions, or newsletters.  If you have a knack for design and can use some of the design tools like photoshop and illustrator, then you should consider starting a graphic design business. This is a home-based business that requires very little capital to start.

6. E-Commerce Business

There is no limit to what you can sell on this e-commerce business. Items ranging from shoes, clothes, bags, gadgets, phones. E.t.c. Many people are venturing into this business because of its benefits. First, it can be set up at home, it does not require a structure and you don’t need to have a physical product. 

7. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is when you sell another brand’s product or service for a commission. You can attach an affiliate link to your blog post or your website and when someone buys the product or services from your link, you will be paid a commission i.e a certain percentage of the product price.

Again, there is no limit to how many brands you can affiliate with, you can go as many as 100 brands or more. You do not set the prices of the product, all you do is a link to a site where the product can be bought and the benefit of affiliate marketing is that the merchant takes care of the inventory and the shipping.

8. Web Developer/Designer

Create a business around building websites for businesses. You can create sites with drag and drop page builders. The market is competitive so if you want to go into development be ready to put in the extra work. There are various ways to start learning and the most used source is through w3schools. Learn the basis from there and practice to become a professional.

9. Youtube Chanel

Youtube has proven to be one of the legitimate money-making platforms and it comes at no cost. All you need is to upload videos, it can be your personal lifestyle, educational, informative, or anything as long as it conforms to their rules. The more followers you get, the more you are being paid. 

10. Content Creator

Content creators are people who create content for new products, product promotion, advertising, and entertainment. This is very lucrative because every product needs content to sell, so you can create video content for yourself to grow your followers and become an influencer or you can create content and sell to big companies.

A Home-based content creator standing in front of a camera

11. Start a Podcast

A podcast is when you record your audio discussion about any topic you find interesting, it can be business, health, or motivational and inspirational talks that you will want people to listen to on the commute to work or on the go. An average person that listens to podcasts does listen for about 5 hours a week. So you can make income from discussing other people’s work.

12. Online coaching/Consultant

Coaching can be in sessions or one on one coaching, and it can be about anything and everything. To be a coach you must have prior knowledge of the topic or niche up to an expert level for you to be able to coach someone else. Coaching is one of the Home-based business ideas that is gaining more traction by the day. For example, there are many fitness coaches, educational coaches, personal coaches, and motivational coaches online and you can make money from what you can do by coaching others, the number of audience members can determine the amount of money you can make as a coach.

13. Voice-over Artist

Can you make good impressions, impersonations and have a good voice. A voice artist is someone who uses their voices for adverts or on the radio. Voice-over artists are in high demand so you can consider becoming a voice-over artist.

14. Photography

One good thing about photography is that it doesn’t get old. Start a home-based business by taking pictures around you, it can be a minimalist picture or pictures of a bed on a tree or your garden. Photography is one high-demand job that can be home-based.

15. Travel Planner

People can reach out to you to process their trips, vacations, and others. You can plan and create travel packages that you will sell during festive periods or around the summer where people pay a certain amount to travel to your selected destinations. Some people don’t like the stress of planning a trip so you can always be there to do the work for them.

16. Influencer Marketing

To become an Influencer you must have a large number of followers and you should have the ability to market products. This is one of the stress-free marketing that highly converts and it’s also a home-based business, there are thousands of brands that seek influencers and are willing to pay money. It doesn’t come easy but with time and determination, it will eventually happen. All you have to do is create more engaging content and followers that are active.

17. Farming

There are various types of farming. It can be fish farming, poultry family, pig farming, and vegetable farming. These farms are purely home-based businesses and require little capital to operate and generate income. The proceeds from these farms can be sold to your local market. It does not require a large space or a formal structure to be a business. Start a farm today.

18. Fashion Design

You like to look good and you know the business of looking good by creating unique outfits. Why not start your own fashion brand, create your own unique designs, sketch, sew and sell them, make your brand a household name all from the comfort of your home. Upload your videos to Youtube and up can make cool money from doing what you love.

19. Home based Craft Making

Sell customizable things made by you. Can you knit, weave or make baskets from a cane? Create different shoes, bags, shawls, hats, and clothes designs to suit different tastes and market online, if possible use a unique color to create and make your brand stand out.

Home-based business craftsman creating a basket from raft

20. Baking Business

This home-based business is very good because you have time for yourself and your family while creating good snacks that can sell. We bake almost every day, so imagine making money from what you like doing. Bake the cake, biscuits, snacks and make it a household brand.

21. Create Arts Piece

Beautiful masterpieces never get old, sell your drawings and art, create art at people’s request and sell it. One of the home-based businesses that require little to no capital to start.

22. Fitness Instructor

Become an online fitness instructor, record yourself while doing your fitness routine and share with your followers, you can also start a youtube page to post your videos and create a business doing being an instructor. \you have a group class or a personal one-on-one with your students.

23. AirBnB Host

Is your home around tourist areas or in a high-end environment that has people visiting? Why not convert one of your rooms to a guest room where tourists can stay on their vacation. It must not necessarily be your condo, you can furnish any house or room to a certain standard that makes the tourist comfortable and watch you go to the bank on a daily basis. There is also what is called a bed and tea business where you cater for tourists for just a night for a fair cost.

24. Home Based Personal Chef

Are you good at making good recipes? Like, people always want more of your food? Then why not start your own Personal brand doing what you know best, create that recipe, and sell it to the world. Teach people how to cook and post your videos on youtube. It will make you unknown and you will be invented to take care of food during events.

Home based personal chef in the kitchen

25. Translator

Translate from one language to another for a price. Translators are needed for new products or markets that are trying to sell to a different language market. If you know more than one language, you can create a business by Translating articles.

26. Online Teaching

Is there a subject you are good at that you feel students will benefit from, why don’t you teach online for a price, this home-based business is good for teachers who want to transfer knowledge to their students and everyone who needs to learn?

27. Beauty products

As they say, you can always make sales when selling beauty products. You can make a business making your own beauty products like lotion and soaps but make sure that it passes all the criteria of making beauty products so that it doesn’t damage the skin. Also, remember to be a registered member before selling.

28. Home Based Candle Making Business

Make beautiful scented, colored, or ordinary candles from your home and make a business from your own home. 

29. Homemade Jewelry

There is always demand for jewelry and customizable homemade ones are of more value than mass production. Make use of your hands to create masterpieces from beads, pearls, steel, and so on.  Create each with a specific target market in mind and sell to the niche when it is ready.

30. Pet & Babysitting

Pet lover? Start a business taking care of pets, taking them for walks, and feeding them, though not a high-paying business but it is doing what you love. Also, you can sit babies too, take care of them when the parents are out, you don’t have to be a nanny, the toddlers are brought over to your place.


There are other business ideas out there, but these here are our 30 home-based business ideas, though it is home-based doesn’t make it easier or any different from a structured business. To be successful, you have to be determined and work hard to become a known brand.

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