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7 Proven Ways To Find Customers for Your Roof Repairing Service

Do you provide roof repair services and want to attract more customers? Our present society is quite competitive, and expanding your roofing business may require more than relying on existing customers.


But the good news is that there are enough customers for everyone. According to a LinkedIn publication, roofing replacement makes up about 94% of the roofing project in North America. And houses built 25-30 years ago will need a roof repair or replacement services. 


However, the question is how do you find your customers and get them to choose you over your competitors? To get more customers for your roof repairing services, you need to put your business and services right in front of your potential clients to make you their go-to choice when the need arises.  


Although there are many effective ways, we will discuss seven proven ways to find customers for your business. There are two approaches to achieving your goal. And they are the offline and online approaches. 


Offline Marketing Strategies

Offline strategies are direct contact methods that do not involve the internet but can work hand in hand with online strategies to yield better results. 


1. Outdoor Roof Repairing Advertising

An effective way to create awareness and generate traffic to your business is by placing your ads on banners, billboards, and more in good locations. Ensure that you include your contact details in your banners and make them easy to find.

a blank billboard for outdoor advertisement


The right location can make a difference in your ad performance. Target locations where your potential clients often visit or commute and place your ad banners at a visible spot. That way, you are registering your business in their subconscious mind putting you at an advantage. 


2. Direct Mail to Potential Clients

As opposed to what you may think, direct mail marketing is still an effective strategy. According to a 2019 study by DMA, 91% of customers engaged with direct mail campaigns, which yielded up to 9% in revenue.

Using the direct mail strategy can boost your growth. One effective way to utilize this strategy is by mailing your campaign to homes, offices, and neighborhoods that may need your services. 

a photo of an open mail box


The goal is to grab the attention of the reader as fast as possible. Therefore, it is best to use colorful postcards, be well-designed, and keep the content concise. Always include your contact address, such as phone number, office address, and others. 


Create relevant content that clearly states the type of services you offer and the specifics. For instance, if you render roof repairing services, or sell roofing materials, tell your readers what makes your business different, the advantage of working with you, and first-time customer incentive if you have any in place. 


3. Attend Trade Shows 

Trade shows are beneficial to your business in many ways. These events are great places for networking and getting new leads for your business.


You can demonstrate in your booth some of the services your business offer. For instance, display how you replace worn-out asphalt shingles without ruining the good ones. That way, you draw the attention of attendees before mentioning your other products and services. 


Interestingly, you don’t have to stop at just getting people’s attention. You can encourage your audience to signup for your online website or drop their email address to receive first-hand information about your roof repairing services, roofing materials, and other relevant products. 


To top it all, you get to learn about your competitors. You can identify their strengths and their gray areas. Knowing your competitors helps you figure out where you need to do better and your unique selling point. 


Also, consider offering free services to your booth audience if you can. That gives you an edge over your competition. 


Online strategies

As effective as offline strategies are, the internet has made it much easier for business owners to promote their products and services without spending a fortune. Below are some online methods to help you generate more leads for your roofing business. 


4. Utilize Search Engine Optimization 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an effective way to put your business in front of the right people organically. When people search the internet for any reason, search engines bring up content related to the search. The content often has relevant keywords and complies with search engine rules. 


image of scrabble tiles spelling out SEO

Imagine a potential customer within your location searching for a “roof repairing service provider near me” on Google. Your website will likely come up if it is well-optimized and you don’t have to pay.  


A good website with high-ranking content can generate organic traffic and more leads for your business. Several factors contribute to how search engines rank content, and SEO is one of the leading factors. Here are 10 SEO hacks that can help you generate more traffic. 


A well-optimized content often includes SEO keywords, meta tags, backlinks, internal links, title tags, and many more. Furthermore, the more content and traffic your website generate, the higher your ranking on search engines. Which in turn brings in more customers to your business. 


5. Try Seach Engine Marketing (SEM) A.K.A, Pay Per Click

Search engine marketing SEM) is also known as pay-per-click. And it is relatively similar to SEO. The difference is you get to pay to appear on the top page of search engines.


However, unlike other marketing channels that require a one-off marketing fee whether or not the marketing was effective, SEM only bills you when a user clicks on your ad. That makes Google ads a cost-efficient method of marketing. 

image of a man's hand on a laptop analysis marketing data displayed on the laptop screen

Many businesses follow the route of creating paid ads on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others to stay ahead of their competition. Ranking organically on Google in the presence of many competitors may not be easy. Creating paid search can give you the boost you need. 


So when internet users search for related keywords, your business will appear on the top page as a paid ad. But the search engine will only deduct a small portion of the budget when people click on your link. 


The best part is that you can set your budget to fit your pocket, select those you want to see your ad, add relevant keywords, choose your desired location, analyze ad performance, and more.


6. Social Media Marketing 


image of different social media icons

You will agree with me that social media has come to stay, or at least it is not going away anytime soon. Many brands and businesses have utilized social media marketing in diverse ways for growth, and you can do the same. If you know little or nothing about social media marketing, our beginner’s guide to social media marketing can help you kick-start your journey. 


As a small business, you can create more awareness and promote your services without spending a fortune on advertising. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube can help you create a buzz around your business and bring in more customers. You may also need some social media tools to help you achieve better results. 


In addition, you can do so much more than just create a buzz around your business. You and your team can connect with your audience and build a community of loyal customers. The opportunities are endless.


You can try out a few things to successfully grow your roof repairing business with social media marketing. 


  • Post before and after photos of your work
  • Use hashtags related to your services
  • Interact with your audience 
  • Post videos and photos of yourself while at work
  • Share customer testimonials
  • Create Instagram and Facebook ads. Here are some tips to help you boost your business performance with Facebook ads. 

image showing the before and after looks of a roof


7. Quality E-mail Marketing 

Email marketing is one of the best ways to drive more traffic to your roof-repairing business. You need to first build an email list before putting this method to work. And that is where the other methods above come in. 


image showing an email box with 2 message notification

While trying to promote your product and services through networking, blogging, social media, and the like, the goal is to collect as many email addresses as possible.


You must gain consent before sending email campaigns to avoid legal issues. And when someone gives you their email address, they have given you the go-ahead to reach out to them via email. 


Now that you have your email marketing list, you can begin sending newsletters, promo notifications, links to new content on your website, retargeting campaigns, and more. 


However, you much be mindful of your email content and how often you send them out. Flooding your audience mailbox may force them to unsubscribe from your email signup, which isn’t good for business. 


Keep your content short and informative. Share what makes your business different.  For instance, If you have a better yet cheaper way of fixing bad roofs, or you offer free inspection and a subsidized first-timer rate, mention them. But do not overwhelm your audience with too much content in a row. 


Email marketing can help you figure out what works and what doesn’t. A/B testing is one way to find out. Create two different email content, divide your audience into two groups, and send each group either of the emails. Email analytics can help you measure your conversion rate and which email content performs better. 


That way, you can communicate with your customers more effectively and boost your business growth.



Signup for Online Directories 

Your roofing business will get better visibility when you register with online directories like Yelp Business, Angie’s List, Thumbtack, Next Door, Home Advisor, and many others. 


Signing up with these platforms makes it easy for potential customers in your area to find your business when they need your services. 



As a small business in the roofing industry, the strategies we have discussed can help you to boost brand awareness and relatively grow your brand. 

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