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7 Ways To Increase Sales With Content Marketing 

Do you want to increase your website traffic and sales with content marketing but don’t know how? You have come to the right place. In this article, we have discussed 7 ways to increase sales using content marketing. 

After reading this article, you will learn the vital things you need to keep your business steps further. Let’s get to it. 

1. Create Content Relevant To Your Target Customers

The goal is to get the attention of your potential customers with content. But creating content alone may not deliver the desired result. When making any type of content to increase sales, you must ensure that your content is relevant to your target audience. 

Find out what your customers are looking for and create content around it. SEO blogging and video content marketing are the most common form of content marketing in digital marketing.

You can utilize these tools to share valuable information with your target market, which can help to boost sales for your business. You should also answer your customers’ questions, share tips related to their needs, and more. 

2. Use Powerful Headlines for Content Marketing 

Headlines are often the first thing people look out for before deciding if your content is worth their time. Your content may have vital information, but a poor headline will affect its performance.

According to a study by quicksprout, the average attention span of humans is 8 seconds. That is all the time you have to lose or gain a user’s attention. A powerful headline places you a step further and can help you get more customers for your business. 

image showing the attention span of humans
Attention Span

What makes your headline powerful is how clickable and shareable it is. Keep your headline short and direct. Short headlines often outperform longer ones. Avoid using misleading words when writing your headline but give your readers a reason to want to keep reading your content. 

Once you have captured the attention of your target market beyond the headline, your goal should be to retain the reader’s attention with quality content. The quality of your headline and overall content can help get more customers and increase sales. 

3. Create in-depth Content

Though it may seem like people don’t like reading long-form articles, in-depth articles are known to generate more traffic and rank higher in search engines. These are articles that are 2,000 words and above with very explicit content.

Writing in-depth articles can serve as a good content marketing strategy to boost sales on your website and improve your ranking on Google. The more often you publish long-form, detailed content on your platforms, the higher your chances of generating organic traffic and sales. 

When internet user input search queries into a search engine, the search engine brings out the most relevant content with detailed answers to the query. Your content can rank higher for related search queries if it is well-detailed. A study by serpIQ in 2012 shows that content above 2,000 words ranks top 10 in search engines. Google loves long-form articles and often ranks them higher than short-form articles. 

To create in-depth content, pick a topic that people will love to read, research it extensively, and find relevant keywords before putting pen to paper. 

a bar chart showing the performance of long-form content
SerpIQ Chart

4. Use Guest Blogging to Increase Awareness 

guest blogging image
Guest Blogging

Aside from sharing well-researched and valuable content on your website, guest blogging is another way to promote your brand awareness through content marketing. It involves creating relevant content for other bloggers and posting it on their websites. 

Guest blogging is an SEO content strategy that helps you build external links and strengthen your site authority. Many factors contribute to how Google, bing, yahoo, and other search engines rank a page. And the number of external links pointing to the same pages is one of the many factors. 

However, since the goal is to increase sales, you must ensure that your content is high-quality and capable of persuading readers to become customers. As your website traffic increases, you can convert them into leads for more sales. Here are 10 ways to convert your website traffic into leads

There are some things to consider when creating a guest blog. 

  • Check if the website has an existing headline to what you have in mind. If it does, you can modify the content or create something different. 
  • Pick your headline carefully. 
  • Check the site’s social performance. It will give an insight into what to expect in terms of engagement. 

Guest blogging can help boost organic traffic on your website if you can find your way around it.

5. Ask for their Email Address

Email marketing is one of the most common types of content marketing in digital marketing. You can build your email list for future use by asking your potential customers for their email addresses before they leave your page. That way, you can create a retargeting campaign for visitors who exited your store without making a purchase. 

request email address
email address

Several tools can help you capture emails on your website. And popups are one of many. Set the popup to trigger a few seconds after visitors arrive on your page and when they are about to exit.

Once you have built up your email list, separate them into different categories based on their activities on your page and create unique content for each type. Sharing personalized content with your audience can help increase sales in your store. 

6. Use SEO and Keywords in Your Content

Search engine optimization

SEO alongside keywords could be the missing piece your content needs to generate more organic traffic and boost sales. Keywords are words or phrases people are constantly searching for on search engines. You can include these words in your content for better performance.

There are two types of keywords, short-tailed, and long-tailed keywords. Short-tailed keywords are generic keywords made of 1-3 words that can increase your visibility on search engines if that is your goal. e.g. digital marketing, SEO content strategy, and more.

And long-tailed keywords are more specific with more words e.g How to generate more sales with content marketing, how to create video content for digital marketing, and more. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) on the other hand, involves formatting your content in compliance with search engine rules and adding your keywords in the right places. Some of the best places to use your keywords include the title, URL, introduction (first paragraph), Alt text, meta tag, subheadings, and the body of the content. Here are 10 SEO hacks to help grow your website traffic

7. Take Advantage of Current Trends

image showing 2022 trend

Almost every day, something new and different becomes the order day. Content creators that lean into the current trends early enough have an advantage over others. When you take advantage of current trends to create content around them, search engines like Google will rank your page higher. Your page will also become more visible to users searching for related keywords. 

But, you should have in mind that simply writing about trend topics may not bring the result you seek. The quality and the industry you are writing about can significantly impact the performance of your content. 

One way to improve your content marketing strategy with current trends is to attend conferences and other gatherings. Keep your ears down so you can pick up the latest before it goes viral. 


Content marketing is an effective way to attract more customers to your business and increase sales. You just have to know how the use it. You can also encourage existing customers, friends, and family to help promote your business. 

If you wish to promote your business with content marketing, we can help you. Reach out to us to help you take your business to the next level. Contact us today

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