Christopher Ike's portrait

Hi! I'm Christopher
I'm a Freelance Writer

About Me

I love travels, road trips, adventures, sports, and aircraft. I have traveled to Dubai, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and lots to come.

I like documentaries, wildlife, and nature.

I enjoy car races, motorbikes, cycling, Skydiving, and skating which is one sport I am currently and actively do. 

I am an art lover, drawings, sculpting, painting, graphic and craft art, and anything related. I have a passion for art and at the moment I do pencil art, not as a career that I derive joy doing.

My life is full of dreams and achievements but most importantly, I have a career that I was born with, a talent a gift that has been and will continue to be part of me.

I am a WRITER. I write for a living; technical, content, and copywriting. I write about WordPress, Shopify, NFT, and others.

In 2015, I was the Overall Best in Standard Organization of Nigeria Essay Competition.



How-to tutorials, product documentation, and instructions on how to use, user guides, and documentation.


SEO writing, B2B writing, financial contents, Cryptocurrency and NFT writing, etc. I have what it takes to deliver.


High converting content for your Facebook ads, email newsletters, Google PPC ads. captions for social media posts.